Volkswagen Group Ahead Of Schedule In Reducing Environmental Impact


BERLIN// – The Volkswagen Group announced on Tuesday that it’s ahead of schedule in reducing the environmental impact of its production.

In the last two years alone, CO2 emissions from per vehicle constructed have fallen by more than 10 percent, according to the German automobile manufacturer.

“We are making faster progress in sustainability and efficiency than planned but we must persist in our efforts,” said Oliver Blume, member of the board of management of the Volkswagen Group and chairman of the board of Porsche AG.

Volkswagen uses five criteria for measuring the environmental impact of its vehicles. In addition to CO2 emissions, the criteria also include how much energy, water, and solvents are used and how much waste is generated during production.

Every currently produced vehicle is 37 percent more environmentally compatible than in 2010, according to the Volkswagen Group.

The target of Germany’s largest automobile manufacturer is to halve the environmental impact of its production by 2025.

“We are producing more environmentally friendly than ever,” Blume said.

The Volkswagen Group was also making “good progress” in improving its manufacturing productivity, expecting an increase of 6 percent in 2019 compared with the previous year.


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