VW To Keep Vintage Beetle Alive With Electric Conversion


With Volkswagen officially ceasing production of the Beetle this past July, the company announced on Thursday its plans to keep the iconic model with over seven generations of history alive and running in 2019 – by offering a completely electric powertrain for the old models.

VW Group Components makes this possible by partnering with eClassics, a German firm that installs the new, mutually agreed upon electric components.

The first model to feature the nearly complete conversion will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

According to Volkswagen, the e-Beetle’s battery system can generate a power output of about 80hp which pushes the car up to 50km/h in under four seconds.

The top speed measures in at about 150km/h, and the e-Beetle can continue on for over 190km on a single charge.

Though this concept is coming to Beetles first, a company executive stated that the company is working on such a conversion of the retro Bus, as well.

Volkswagen did not announce how much this change will cost Beetle owners nor when the conversion will be available for purchase. – AFP Relaxnews

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